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Fish Tacos

This week we had a pompano on hand, and wanted to do something a little different from our usual Spicy Szechuan or lemon baked, so we decided to do fish tacos!

We had a busy day, so not a ton of time to spend on preparation. I normally make my own pico de gallo, but had no time tonight. So, I bought some at the grocery store, and added a little salt & lime juice to perk it up a little. I also bought a jalapeno just in case it needed some extra spice...

Tyson made a rub to cover the fish in & then coated it in flour to shallow fry. His spice mix is a little loose. a pinch of each (not more than 1/4 teaspoon):

chile powder

garlic powder




cayenne pepper


the salt should be about 1/2 the volume of your spice mix (approximately 1 teaspoon)

Make sure you use kosher salt and not iodized table salt which can be a little intense & harsh.

rub the spice mix all over the fish and then coat it in flour.

Put about 1/4 cup of frying oil (we used avocado, but vegetable, canola, sunflower or peanut oil will work) and heat it up. Place the fish gently into the hot oil to fry.

fry it for a few minute (maybe 5 minutes or so) then flip it over, and fry it on the other side. Once it's flipped over, toss in some chopped up garlic and let it fry until golden.

We also heated up some beans. We fried up some garlic slices and then put in a can of low-fat re-fried beans (home made re-fried beans take ages to make....cans are good for some stuff!)

Once everything is hot, serve with tortillas, cheese & pico!


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