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Corned Beef

So we decided to do a hearty Fall dinner, but it turns out a traditionally springtime meal sounded the best....go figure!

We usually either do the traditional boiled method or the roasted method. We thought it out and decided to do a combination of the two, and it turned out to be the best one we ever made!

This is a pretty easy meal to make, and anyone can make it. Here is what you need:

(we went heavy on the veggies this time because I LOVE left overs!)

2 bunches of carrots

1 gallon bag of brussels sprouts (you can use a head of cabbage cut up, but brussels sprouts hold together better & retain their flavor)

a dozen or so smallish potatoes

3lb corned beef (buy the prepared corned's cured and comes with the spice packet.)

First, place the brisket in a large stock pot, fat side up. Then dump in the spice packet and cover with water.

Simmer the brisket for approximately 3 hours (1 hour / pound).

Remove the brisket from the water & place in a roasting pan & bake at 450 for +/- 45 minutes, fat side up (until the fat looks brown & crispy). We had some extra carrots & potatoes that didn't fit in the pot so we put them in with the meat too.

Once the meat is removed from the pot, turn up the heat a little and put in the brussels sprouts. They need a little longer than the other veggies, so cook them for 10 - 15 minutes and then toss in the potatoes. Wait 5 minutes or so & then put in the carrots. simmer all the veggies until fork tender (if you need more water go ahead & add it, but toss in a bouillon cube so they get nice and seasoned!)

Once the veggies are ready check the meat. it should look similar to this:

Slice it up & serve with mustard!

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