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Hawaiian Kahlua Pig Nachos

Tyson & I were recently in Hawaii for a family party (Tyson's grandma turned 90!)

The first week we were in town, we shared a condo with Tyson's sister, Sue May, and also his brother, Kai was there.

The first night we were all in town, we hosted a small party at the rented condo, so we had some random left-over cheeses & some left-over tortilla chips. I'm pretty sure it's a law somewhere that if you have left-over cheese & chips, you MUST make nachos! So, when in Rome....or rather; Waikiki....

Tyson's cousin, Jason, who lives in Honolulu, knows all the best places to get local food, and so we stocked up on some ingredients for a special late-night, post-drinking dinner....Hawaiian Kahlua Pig Nachos!!

After the beach one afternoon, we ventured off to a near-by Hawaiian Food shop....Yama's Fish Market...

....for a few supplies.....

...and Poi! (we actually didn't buy the bag - we bought the house-made poi, day old (older poi has a tangy flavor that fresh poi doesn''s up to you which you prefer.)

And for dessert....Haupia! Haupia is Hawaiian coconut pudding. It is usually fairly thick and firm, like jello, but less jello-y, and more creamy.

We got the Taro Haupia dessert with a crust. delicious!

And just for kicks, here are some of the other yummy things we saw.

Kulolo: Taro, coconut milk pudding....I will definitely have to try this on our next trip!

SO many delicious poke salads!!

Now... Onto the nachos!

So first we spread out the tortilla chips, and then a layer of Kahlua pork topped off with cheese. We broiled it for about 15 - 20 minutes until the cheese was bubbly, and then pulled it out.

Served with poi (it serves as the 'bean' texture) and Lomi Lomi Salmon (acts like pico de gallo!). YUM!

We also had a bunch of POG (Pineapple, orange, guava) and red wine left over, so we blended them together for a tropical sangria and we had a great little after-party on the lanai!

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