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Feeding Sourdough Starter

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

My sourdough starters have been hanging out in the back of the fridge for a few weeks now. We had discussed making an octopus salad for dinner on Sunday, and having some fresh bread with it for dipping....yummy! I knew my starter was going to be sleepy and need a feeding or two to get it going again.

The nice thing about sourdough starter is that you can kind of forget about it. I go weeks at a time without even thinking about it. Then when I ne3ed it, a couple of feedings, and it's good to go!

You can also save the discard, and use it in other recipes. We made waffles with the discard this time. Usually, I just add some salt and green onions to it, and fry it up. It tastes like fried cheese, and is a lovely afternoon snack! (I'll take pictures next time and post prop4er instructions.)

I keep 2 separate starters, since I had one get contaminated with pink mold and I had to completely start over. I got this starter from my Sister-in-law in San Francisco. Generally, I just feed it organic white flour, since I buy it in bulk for baking. Occasionally I will feed it with some rye flour if I want it to be super active, and have a stronger flavor.

I feed by weight, which is recommended. I do 90 grams of each, flour and water for regular feedings. As you can see, I did one of them at 90g, and one at 100g, since I am going to be making sourdough bread tomorrow, and a double batch of dough needs 200g of starter.

If you need a kitchen scale, this is the one I use. It's small, inexpensive and works really well. Happy baking!

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