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Baked Black Cod With Lemon

You may have notice a few things this month on the blog...

1. we eat a LOT of fish around here.

2. we really really really like black cod!

So, as you may recall, we like black cod. This fish has such a buttery, delicate flavor, that it is very versatile. The flavor is similar to Chilean Sea Bass, but Black Cod is highly sustainable and much less expensive.

This time we baked it with some beet greens, lemon and white wine.

Here's what you need:

several pats of butter

1-2 lemons sliced thin

greens or green onions

dry white wine

Herbs de Provence and salt

We put some Herbs De Provence and some sea salt in a pepper grinder.

First thing lay out a large piece of sturdy tin foil and place the beet greens in the bottom (you can use any other greens you like, or green onions) place your fish on top, slice & season.

Slice skin-deep slices all the way down the body about 1 - 1 1/2" apart.

Season fairly generously on both sides & in the cavity. Stuff the cavity with some pats of butter and lemon slices. Then place some butter & lemon slices on top of the fish. Pull the sides of the tin foil up so it will hold a little liquid & then pour in a little dry white wine.

Close up your tin foil pouch so your fish will steam. Place your pouch on a baking tray & bake on 375 until done. Usually about 30 - 45 minutes.

We made some Trader Joe's rice in the rice cooker and Tyson sauteed up some spinach with a little garlic to go with it.


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